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Reward points can be used to make purchase. Every dollar spent earns you one reward point except shipping and stitching fee. To see the value of an item in reward point, look below the price listed in cash. What people asks: How do I use my reward points: Once you've accumulated enough points and ready to make purchase, simply go to checkout page and enter the reward point amount that is required for the dress you are interested in. Can I use reward points to pay for shipping and stitching fee? Unfortunately we do not allow the use of reward points to pay for shipping and stitching. Please remember, your order may be invalidated and you may have to reorder if you attempt to use reward points to pay for shipping and stitching fee. Can I pay for half the price of a product with reward point and the other half using cash? Unfortunately you can only purchase a product if you have enough reward points for it. As you earn more reward points, expensive products are unlocked for you to purchase.

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